Sunday, March 04, 2007

I've gotten used to having a kid, VERY fast, I guess... But the part about others being inconsiderate about this fact, is still stuck on my throat taking a long time to digest... I know it may seem selfish that I talk about my kid a lot, but I only talk to people that are interested and I talk about her when I am being asked... REALLY... So, if some people are not interested to hear about Rachel, dun ask about her...

But I guess people are just being polite when they are, how is your daughter, when they really didn't bother to know the answer, and well, I don't blame them, especially not when they are single individuals, free and easy, and seeing kids as a major burden... But I guess everyone sees everything differently, and I can't say my way is right, but at least it is for me, so WHAT IS YOUR WAY?

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