Tuesday, February 27, 2007

This post is sponsored by PPP.

PPP has been the talk of of the 'town' (blogging town) for a while... How not, when it's letting us earn extra, and in a very very easy way... Well, not that I earned A WHOLE lot, when compared to 5xmom, but then, it's much much more than I would have expected to earn, just through blogs... I am currently looking for more things to buy online, for little Rachel, which I can pay by PayPal... hehehe...

Well, they recently mentioned that they are announcing some BIG NEWS in the next few weeks... It's like letting you know there's something up their sleeves, but not showing you... EEE... I don't like this, making me so so anxious... Cuz we really won't know whether it's a good or bad thing... Imagine, if they suddenly say that they are going to have strict requirement of blogs from now onwards, then what do people like me, with low PR blog do??

But, I guess part of me doubts it, because they are always nice to posties... They won't cut us out like that... (I hope *fingers crossed* that I'm right)... I definitely is looking forward to the announcement, partially because every announcement they have, we'll get a $10 opportunity to announce it for them... GOOD EH?! hehehe... Maybe they are going to announce something like for each dollar earned by your referred postie, you'll get 1%?? hehehe... Then we'll earn even more just by referring people to join PPP right?? We'll even earn without posting, if they post... Do you think that's possible??