Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I do like fireworks, and well, it's CNY, when else do I speak more of fireworks if not now?

Yeah, it is banned here in Malaysia, but that doesn't stop anyone... It lasted till nearly 3am that night of 'Ti Gong Si'... Midnite prayers on the 9th day of CNY... THREE! yes... THREE!!! Good ones somemore... BIL told me that those nice ones we see, actually cost like RM450 (a box with 12 shots)... Isn't that burning money? ISH!

Anyway, I saw a group of kids playing some fireworks (those that supposedly go "eeewwww-POP" - fly up the sky and burst kind), and it scared the hell out of me.... When I was younger, we played this using a bottle, so that it can be upright, and fly up the sky... These kiddos, put them laying on the floor, ended up, the fireworks flew every where, on ground and blow in the middle of the street... We were walking by, imagine if 1 of it actually blow right next to me, I wouldn't know would I? I wouldn't even see it coming, because they sent them in all direction... SO DANGEROUS!!! I tell you, if the parents were around, I'd probably give them a piece of my mind... *HMPHHH*