Sunday, March 04, 2007

This is a sponsored post.

In this technology world we are living in now, video conferencing (also known as a videoteleconference) is SO common... For those that hasn't heard of them before, it involves a set of interactive telecommunication technologies which allow 2 or more locations to to interact via 2-way video and audio transmissions simultaneously... It serves a conference in comparison to videophone that serves individuals... Cisco-online is a provider of such services, on top of their service for data centre, wifi, VOIP and secure networking...

The most common use of this would be in the business world, where companies no longer need to send a group of their staff on flights to have meetings with the client... It actually helps in maximising time, cost and resources... Of course with all that said, we do make use of this video enhanced communications for 'chatting' with our loved ones yeah? Like when we wanted to video conference with our family when we are away from home for example... :D