Saturday, November 12, 2005

There I was, stuck in the traffic waiting for the policeman to allow cars from my side of the road pass, although a few rounds of green light has came and gone, when this motorbike stopped right next to me, and I saw a couple (assumed to be the parents) with a kid sandwiched in the middle of them. It was drizzling slightly, and they had this plastic bag over the kid's head!

First of all, the kid was sleeping (another assumption), with his legs DANGLING at the side of the bike!! Imagine if the father drove pass too closely to a car!!

Anyway, that's when I get the wave from Mr. Policeman to go, and as I passed the bike I couldn't stop myself from stealing a peek at the kid, and couldn't control my anger at the stupidity of the parents(probably more angry with the mum) when I saw that they had the plastic bag covering the WHOLE of the kids head!!!! UP TO HIS NECK!

I can totally understand that you wouldn't want a kid to catch a cold being in the drizzle of course, but to risk the kid being suffocated!!?? and the bad wasn't very big, mind you...

How could they be so ignorant?? I remember my parents ALWAYS making sure and reminding us NEVER to hold a plastic bag over our head, with the fear of accidental suffocation, but this parents covered their kid's head with a plastic bag on purpose?? They could probably stop it at the kid's forehead or something, to prevent his head from getting wet, but covering it up to this neck?? I wish I could educate them enough, but who am I?

I'm sure the kid is alright, maybe I've just over reacted, but still, I could already see the vapour accumulating in the bag with that short period of time when I was passing them while driving! That's causing lack of oxygen to the kids brain, and could damage his brain cells!! (Over reacting again!!) WHY?!