Monday, September 26, 2005

Location : Fondue House, Sri Hartamas (Opposite Coffee Bean)

Fondue House Hubby and I read about Fondue on a mass email, and instantly got attracted to the delicious idea of melted cheese and chocolate dip.

Fondue House - Cheese Bacon Dip Having the impression that it would be sorta like a chinese steamboat style, 'cooking' the meat in hot melted cheese. But I have to admit, I was fairly dissapointed at the real thing, where the chicken set which we ordered, came FRIED, and worse of, WITH BREAD CRUMBS!! It kinda spoilt the taste a little, while other set were beef and seafood. I would have to say, I can't imagine how beef chunks would taste like, dipped in cheese, maybe someone that tried could let me know how it might taste like.... The seafood might be nice, so if I would to visit again, that will be my target.

Fondue House - Cheese Bacon DipThe chicken set meal came with a choice of several flavoured cheese dip, those that I can remember are, plain cheese, garlic cheese, and bacon cheese (which we ordered). It's kind salty after a few bites, but with the crackers and bread, even the broccoli, YUMMIE... I'd vote for them to come up with a set meal, with purely on vegetables and tonnes of crackers and breads, and skip the meat part.

Fondue House Fondue House - Cheese Bacon Dip Fondue House - Cheese Bacon Dip
The cheese burner and the dips of crackers and breads.
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Fondue House - Strawberry ChocolateThe next attraction, CHOCOLATE dip, who could resist chocolates, even though I was extremely full with salty cheese at the time, we still ordered the strawberry with plain chocolate, not expecting it to be a big plate of the fruit, with a few pieces of cakes, and a soul calming pot of melted chocolate. DELICIOUS!!
Fondue House - Strawberry Chocolate DipAt this point of time, I was too full to give proper credit to the thick delicious chocolate, but this would definitely be my choice of food when I'm feeling down and need some extra sugar in my blood.....

All in all, a very sinful dinner (loads of cheese and chocolate), definitely a no no for diet or healthy eating. An average experience, thought not as great as expected through the mass email we saw, but the setup of the shop was simple and cosy, and not too expensive for the location. I probably won't be going for a second visit, but there's no harm for a first try.